Customizing / Repair

Voor alle reparatie's en onderhoud of het customizen van je Gitaar  helpen we je graag verder.

Altijd eerst een goed en duidelijk advies over de mogelijkheden voor dat we aan de slag gaan.

Kom vrijblijvend langs en vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden!


- Woensdag van 13:00 tot 17:00

- Donderdag van 10:00 tot 20:00

- Vrijdag van 13:00 tot 17:00

- Zaterdag van 12:00 tot 17:00

- Ook kunt u bij ons op afspraak buiten onze openingstijden terecht.


Onze winkel is gevestigd op een van de mooiste plekjes van Zierikzee.

Op de hoek van het plein van de Grote kerk vindt je ons.

Het adres is Poststraat 58 te zierikzee



Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in vele merken Boutique pedalen!

We voeren O.A. Fulltone, MI audio, VooDoo lab, Barber, Home brew electronics, MXR, Dunlop, Radial, Vox, Rocket pedals, Brunetti, RR amplifiers E.V.A. 

The Blue Note gives you a very woodsy blues feel and can achieve more gain than a typical tube screamer (no this isn't another tubescreamer clone just using this as a reference). With the newly added "Hot" switch the pedal is capable of multiple tones. The "Hot" switch adds more gain, more volume and gooses the low mids for a thick juicy feel. The Blue note can be set to run flat in its EQ section or select the "Hot" position for more prominent mids. Since the Blue note can be run in either position it makes it suitable for many applications. This pedal is all about feel and really works well with any guitar/amp combination. This is one of our favorites.




Mercury Box is the new Brunetti overdrive/ distortion stomp box. A small metallic box holds together the qualities of the well-known CustomWork Mercury’s channel 2! It is endowed with “FET” technology to reproduce tubes behavior and dynamics as accurately as possible. Mercury Box is extremely versatile, you can move from clear and defined crunch sounds to hard rock “liquid” distortion which is always clean and never shapeless, very smooth and respectful of your instrument timbre, even at high gain levels. Controls are soft and sentive, but effective at the same time. They indeed interact thoroughly as in a real tube amplifier. Mercury Box arises from careful design and long lasting research of Marco Brunetti, and the outcome is innovative and technologically unique. It is not the upgraded clone of a well-know stomp box! These qualities make Mercury Box different, we are sure you will be impressed at first note!




Pearl Phaser PH-44



Companion FY-2 Fuzz Box

Ibanez Stereo Box


Ibanez AD-0 Analog Delay



Coron JFM-100 Jet Flanger en Filter Matrix


H.B.E. Power Screamer

DOD Bi-Fet Pre Amp FX10

Maestro Fuzztain

Ibanez Stereo Pedal ST-810

Fulltone Octafuzz OF-2


Ibanez Tube King TK999

MXR Prima Distortion

Boss CS-2

Ibanez Flanger FL-301

Boss AC-2

Boss CE-3

Colorsound Swell

RR Fat Drive

Eagle International Reverb

Melos Phazer PHZ-1

George Dennis Limiter

Vintage Volume

Vintage Vo